21 Best Nautical Wreaths for Water Lovers

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Showcase your unique personality this summer by decorating your front door with one of the best nautical wreaths around.

Visitors, UPS, Amazon, food delivery services – it seems like everyone is stopping by our front door these days. Why not put your love of all things nautical on display, starting with a themed doormat? Every visitor that stops by will realize that there is a boat lover in the house (and it doesn’t matter if you actually have a boat or not!)

Here is a collection of some of the best nautical wreaths for your front door.

What Defines Nautical Style?

The definition of nautical is of or relating to sailors, ships, or navigation.

As a style, it’s almost synonymous with summer and seaside living.

Common design elements include:

  • lighthouses
  • navigational charts
  • ropes and knots
  • anchors
  • compasses
  • sextants
  • life preservers
  • ship’s bells
  • driftwood, teak, and weathered wood
  • sailing and boat paraphernalia
  • ship pictures and models
  • seagulls, fish, and sea animals
  • lanterns
  • signal flags
  • stripes
  • the color combination of dark blue and white, plus yellow and red accents

What are some nautical doormats I can order online?

We found the best selection of nautical wreaths on Etsy. By and large, the Etsy mats appeared to be handcrafted, sealed, and of good to excellent quality.

As a reminder, read the details of each item carefully to determine if the product is right for you. Pay particular attention to appropriate locations, as not all wreaths will stand up to harsh weather or direct sun, and may be better suited for front doors in sheltered locations such as covered porches or apartment hallways.

21 Terrific Nautical Wreaths to Accent Your Front Door

1. Navy Blue and Beige Nautical Wreath with a White Anchor

Looking for the perfect front door accent for your home? This navy blue and beige nautical-themed wreath could be the perfect addition to your front door.

SHOP NOW: Navy Blue and Beige Nautical Wreath with a White Anchor

2. Monogram Anchor Door Hanger

This monogram anchor door hanger is the perfect way to dress up your door all year long! Customized with your initial, it’s a simple, classic door hanger.

SHOP NOW: Monogram Anchor Door Hanger

3. Large Mussel Shell Wreath with Flower

Cleverly created from mussel shells, this natural wreath is adorned with a single mussel-shell flower. Simply gorgeous.

SHOP NOW: Large Mussel Shell Wreath with Flower

4. Upcycled Lobster Rope Wreath

These Turk’s head knot wreaths are one of a kind creations made in Maine. They add a unique and authentic nautical look to any door while reducing marine waste. An eco-friendly wreath handcrafted from time-worn rope.

SHOP NOW: Upcycled Lobster Rope Wreath

5. Nautical Grapevine Wreath

Beautiful nautical-themed grapevine wreath. Complete with anchor and seashell, along with florals and bows in classic shades of white and navy.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Grapevine Wreath

6. Anchor Welcome Door Hanger

A curvaceous white “welcome” appears hand-lashed to a bright blue anchor with yellow roping, creating a fun and whimsical look to this door hanger.

SHOP NOW: Anchor Welcome Door Hanger

7. Nautical Wreath with Driftwood

Softer shades of blue, along with beige and grey driftwood tones, provide a more muted version of the nautical look.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Wreath with Driftwood

8. Seashell and Rope Anchor

This small (12″) but impactful anchor was created by hand from rope and seashells in a tone on tone neutral scheme.

SHOP NOW: Seashell and Rope Anchor

9. Nautical Welcome Sign

This white-washed painted wood sign has the option of having your personal happy place coordinates added to it. The hand-tied monkey fist knot adds a nautical finishing touch.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Welcome Sign

10. Nautical Rope Wreath

This beautiful wreath is made on a recycled, hard plastic board that is made to last many, many years.
It is made using real cotton rope and has a wooden anchor with embellishment to decorate this beauty.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Rope Wreath

11. Customizable Oars and Life Ring Door Hanging

Every water lover’s needs an AWESOME door sign! This one is fully customizable with your choice of names, messages, colors, and ribbons.

SHOP NOW: Customizable Oars and Life Ring Door Hanging

12. Sailboat and Shells Wreath

Nautical Wreath

Add a unique handmade gift to your beach lover beloved ones for Father’s day, birthday or housewarming party. This wreath should only be displayed in areas protected from the elements. Note that it is quite heavy for its size when you consider your method of hanging.

SHOP NOW: Sailboat and Shells Wreath

13. Nautical Wreath for Front Door

Nautical Wreath

Beautiful in its simplicity, this homemade nautical rope wreath will look unique and beautiful on any door or porch.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Wreath for Front Door

14. Crab and Anchor Nautical Grapevine Wreath

Nautical Wreath

Created on an 18” grapevine wreath, this beautiful summer wreath is filled with natural colored ribbons, and is finished off with an anchor. It’s a perfect addition to your river, lake or beach front door.

SHOP NOW: Crab and Anchor Nautical Grapevine Wreath

15. Nautical Rope and Seashell Wreath

Nautical Wreath

PVC greenery and a pretty bow made with white tuxedo organza and jute, then added perfect little white finger starfish, pearly turbo shells, and gorgeous sundial shells. There is a ribbon hanger so you can pop it right onto your wall or door!

SHOP NOW: Nautical Rope and Seashell Wreath

16. Relax Wreath

Nautical Wreath

Attractive driftwood wreath adorned with small wooden paddles, starfish and a “relax” sign. This wreath brings together all the shades of sand, sky, and ocean.

SHOP NOW: Relax Wreath

17. Lighthouse Grapevine Wreath

Nautical Wreath

This one of a kind “Lighthouse” wreath features a navy blue, burgundy, and beige lighthouse surrounded by sea grasses, ferns, beautiful flowers, and dried starfish. You don’t have to live near the water to appreciate the majestic beauty of a lighthouse.

SHOP NOW: Lighthouse Grapevine Wreath

18. Sailboat Wreath

The focal point of this wreath is the large sailboat in the center, which is accented by greenery, starfish, and shells.

SHOP NOW: Sailboat Wreath

19. Red, White, and Blue Anchor Wreath

Nautical Wreath

Perfect for a Patriotic holiday – or any time, this wreath is decked out in red, white, and blue.

SHOP NOW: Red, White, and Blue Anchor Wreath

20. Classic Nautical Striped Ribbon Wreath

Nautical Wreath

This is large and full, natural burlap wreath with custom, multi-loop navy blue striped ribbon custom bow. There is ivory burlap and navy striped ribbon throughout this cute wreath.

SHOP NOW: Classic Nautical Striped Ribbon Wreath

21. Nautical Welcome Door Hanger

This navy shiplap-style design is sturdy at 1” thick and made of solid pine wood. Completely handmade from start to finish, each one is made to order and sealed with multiple coats to withstand the outdoors.

SHOP NOW: Nautical Welcome Door Hanger

Key Takeaways for 21 Best Nautical Wreaths for Water Lovers

Whether your preferences run to life preservers or lighthouses, lobster rope or canvas sails, there’s sure to be a perfect nautical wreath in your future. You can showcase nautical style anywhere, anytime – even if you’ve never even been aboard a boat!

Taking a lake or beach vacation with friends? These wreaths make excellent gifts!

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