Beautiful Christmas Wreaths For Under $50

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Is it possible to find a beautiful Christmas wreath for under $50? Absolutely!

So, you’ve got your Christmas decorations up around the house and everything looks great! But then you realize your front door is the same blank space it was yesterday! What will you do now? Quick – take a look at this collection of gorgeous front door wreaths that won’t blow your budget!

There are two ways this list will benefit you. One, since these wreaths are all available from Amazon, you can expect a quick delivery. Two, each and every one of them costs less than $50!

No worries – the hardest part about solving this dilemma is deciding which of these wreaths you like best.

In Search of a Front Door Wreath This Christmas

Last year, I realized that my old front door wreath had seen better days, and had to go. My plan was to search for a new wreath during the post-Holiday sales.

And then I promptly forgot about it.

Now that Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is on its way, I am ready to decorate and of course, I want all my decorations up instantly. When I’m ready, I’m ready!

And I have no wreath.

And not a lot of spare cash.

So I began my search for a budget wreath, and actually came across quite a few really nice ones, right on Amazon. How easy! Since I was searching for myself, it only seemed fair to share my finds with you, on the off chance that you also need a new wreath this year.

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In no particular order, here are:

The Best Christmas Wreaths from Amazon for Under $50

Best Traditional Christmas Wreath

I love this classic, bright green pine wreath, with its pine cones and red berries. It’s the season’s classic red and green motif. This full, 22″ wreath also comes pre-lit with 50 white LED bulbs. Easy-peasy. Slap on a red ribbon, and it’s ready to go!

Best Flocked Christmas Wreath

It looks like the snow has fallen in thick, fluffy clouds on this beautiful flocked wreath. Imagine the pop this beauty would give to a black or red door – a real standout! Pre-lit with white bulbs.

Best Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Buffalo checks. Burlap. The cutest little chalkboard sign wishing visitors a Merry Christmas. If it’s got all this, it must be a farmhouse wreath! I love how the buffalo checks and burlap make this wreath so full, and really make the greenery and red berries stand out.

Best Modern Christmas Wreath

Make a fun, modern statement with this 16″ green felt leaf. The light weight and shallow profile mean that the wreath will fit easily into any space or behind a storm door. Simple, yet stunning!

Best Nature-Inspired Christmas Wreath

This non-traditionally shaped wreath holds a happy cardinal couple and their nest on grapevine branches and greenery. I’d put this one on a light-colored door so that both the wreath and the birds stand out.

Best Maximalist Christmas Wreath

Sometimes you just want to pull out all the stops! This holiday wreath has it all – it is decorated with pine needles, pine cones, red berries, red decorative balls, spherical ornaments, small gift boxes and Merry Christmas letters, along with a gold and red bow. Pre-lit with multicolored lights, it even comes with its own door hanger.

Best Gold Christmas Wreath

Covered in gold balls of different sizes, this one is full of sparkle. The 16″ wreath includes bright, matte, and glittering balls. It also comes in a multi-color option, but I like the gold!

Best Sophisticated Christmas Wreath

Such a classic – and classy! – door hanging. This deceptively simple yet stunningly sophisticated wreath is covered in gold and green magnolia leaves. It’s perfect for a traditional look…or a modern look…or a Southern look…or really, any style you’d like!

Best Big Statement Christmas Wreath

So, feathers are not for everyone, especially at Christmas. But if you are into making a big, bold statement, this extra-large, fluffy, red feather wreath could be the door decor of your dreams! How fun is this?

Best Christmas Door Swag

Not everyone wants a wreath on their door. This 30″ long swag dripping with red berries and hydrangeas could be the perfect alternative.

Best Christmas Star

This star is large – a full 35″ from tip to tip. The greenery is accented with white lights and tiny pine cones.

Best Christmas Door Decoration That’s Not a Wreath

I love red and black buffalo checks – something about them seems so cheerful! This cute little Merry Christmas sign is handmade, has added greenery, and is hung with burlap.

Once You’ve Chosen Your Wreath, You’ll Want a Wreath Hanger

Here are three beautiful options, all of which are also available from Amazon, so they will arrive with your new wreath! Click on any image for details.

And Don’t Forget About the After-Christmas Wreath Storage!

Key Takeaways on Beautiful Christmas Wreaths for Under $50

I’m really curious – which wreath is your favorite? Do you prefer the classic red and green wreath, the magnolia leaves, or the solid gold one? As much as I’d love to have them all…right now my heart is calling for the one with the cardinals (I’m a bird fan!) But…then, maybe the flocked wreath…or that cool modern felt one…

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