Cotton Boll Front Door Wreaths For Farmhouse Style

cotton bolls on a stem

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Wreaths will always be a popular way to decorate a home’s front door. The farmhouse design style continues to be wildly popular, both for interiors and exteriors, and a farmhouse wreath is a perfect way to add a welcoming touch to the front door. But, there are so many design elements that can be used for a farmhouse-style wreath! One of the most popular looks right now is the use of cotton bolls. Learn more about this design element, and the many ways to create cotton boll front door wreaths for that popular farmhouse style.

What is a Cotton Boll?

Cotton, of course, is a plant. After the cotton plant blooms and self-pollinates, the cotton boll forms to push the bloom off of the plant. The young boll has a hard exterior, with soft, fluffy interior fibers that protect the seeds. As it grows, the bracts crack open, revealing the white cotton boll inside – looking just like the cotton balls you may have in your bathroom.

This is the point at which cotton is normally harvested in the fields. And now, it’s easy to find branches of fluffy white cotton bolls on wreaths. Because cotton is an agricultural crop, the bolls have become very popular as a design detail in farmhouse wreaths.

You may see a simple wreath of twisted cotton branches covered in bolls, or the bolls may be accents on a wreath with additional design details.

Can Cotton Boll Wreaths be Used All Year Round?

One of the great aspects of cotton bolls is that they aren’t a seasonal decoration. Cotton bolls will look appropriate in winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s the other decor elements of a wreath, such as ribbon colors or other additions, that will determine the seasonality. If you choose a non-seasonal, neutral-looking cotton boll wreath, you can proudly display it all year round.

On the other hand, cotton boll wreaths can be decorated to match each season or holiday, if you prefer to change your wreaths on a regular basis.

Can I Place a Cotton Boll Wreath Outside?

Most wreaths are made to be placed on front doors with outdoor exposure. They are able to withstand some changes in weather and temperature. Some can be hung outside, but only in protected areas, such as under a porch roof or behind a storm door. Occasionally, you may come across a wreath for indoor use only. These are still useful in very protected areas such as the hallways of an apartment building, away from rain, wind, and direct sunlight.

It is important that you check the information for each wreath, or ask the crafter who made it, what conditions the wreath is able to withstand. No one wants to find their ideal wreath only to have it ruined by rain or faded in the hot sun.

Where Can I Buy Cotton Boll Wreaths?

Wreaths, including those with cotton bolls, are widely available from big box and craft stores. However, to get a truly handcrafted, top-quality wreath, we recommend shopping locally at independent gift shops, farmers markets, and craft fairs and festivals. You are far more likely to find something unique and truly special at these places. You will also have the benefit of purchasing directly from the creator of your wreath.

Etsy Marketplace has a tremendous inventory of wreaths in their shops. These wreaths are similar to what you would find at a local craft fair, and you can generally count of quality, handmade construction. Many of the wreaths in this post have been sourced from Etsy. With a bit of online browsing, you will be able to locate many crafters that have independent shops online as well.

Curious about other design elements common to farmhouse wreaths? Learn how to choose the best farmhouse-style wreath for your front door.

A Sampling of Cotton Boll Wreaths

A Simple, Unadorned Cotton Boll Wreath

This gorgeous, real cotton wreath is about as simple as it gets, which makes it incredibly versatile for all-year use. Guaranteed to add the perfect touch to your front door. Can be used as is, or as a base with added ribbons, bows, and decor items. This wreath is a large size at 28″ in diameter.

Handmade. Available from Amazon.

“Hello” Cotton Boll Wreath

This cheerful handmade wreath is made of cotton bolls, eucalyptus leaves, and white branches. Wooden script letters spell out the word “hello” as a greeting to all of your visitors. The leaves are adjustable and can be angled and fluffed to your preference. The diameter is 22″.

This wreath is available from Amazon and comes with a 12″ black door hook and gift box.

Smaller Size Eucalyptus and Cotton Boll Wreath

This dainty wreath packs a lot of cotton bolls into its 14″ diameter. It’s perfect for a smaller door or can fill more space if set on top of a tobacco basket or upcycled window frame. In addition to cotton bolls, the natural twig base also holds multi-toned eucalyptus leaves.

Available from Amazon.

Cotton Boll Wreath with Rustic Bell and Burlap Bow

This beautiful handmade wreath holds quintessential farmhouse style. Greenery, cotton boll sprigs, and a rustic bell come together with a big burlap bow. The frame is made from twisted grapevine.

This natural wreath is perfect for any front door in any season. The finished wreath is 22″ in diameter.

Available from LadybugWreathDesigns, on

Pink and Grey and Stripes Wreath

This sweet farmhouse wreath is filled with premium greenery, delicate pink flowers, and plenty of cotton bolls. The grey and white striped ribbons add to the country feel while maintaining a neutral color palette. While this wreath will be pretty all year, we think it’s an especially sweet touch for early spring!

The unusual oblong shape of this wreath further distinguishes its appearance. It is 26″ high and 21″ wide.

Available from WreathsbyLindaMarie, on

What’s Up, Buttercup? Wreath

Who can resist a smiling cow batting her lashes so adorably? In addition to the round metal sign, this 20″ diameter grapevine wreath boasts greenery, cotton bolls, lambs ear, and a bow made of three different fabrics. Ribbons used in the bow are a black and tan gingham, brown and white polka dot, and tan and white stripe.

Available from CedarCraftWreaths, on

Modern Hoop Wreath with Dried Flowers

This modern hoop wreath is a stand-out due to the simplicity of the frame and the contrasting detail of the floral decor.

Handmade on a metal frame and decorated with a cotton boll, strawflowers, preserved eucalyptus and limonium in white and purple colors, this wreath makes a natural yet modern addition to any front door. Its delicate size of 12″ matches the delicate look. Jute twine is included for easy hanging.

Available from DecoMintStudio, on

Home Sweet Home Wreath

Such a fun, welcoming wreath! Home sweet home, indeed! This beautiful, everyday wreath has not one but two large bows, cotton bolls, jute, burlap, and faux grass and greenery.

It’s the perfect wreath when you want to make a real country-style statement!

Completely handcrafted, and filled with shades of brown, tan, and white as a bit of a change from the more common black and grey.

Available from AllGoodNPerfectGifts, on

Blue Hydrangea Welcome Wreath

This lovely wreath is adorned with blue hydrangea and lavender blossoms peeking out from a large burlap bow, and overflowing with soft eucalyptus, lambs ear, cotton bolls and other high quality florals and greenery.

There is more color on this 18″ grapevine wreath than many farmhouse wreaths, so it’s perfect when you want to step away from a completely neutral style.

The white wooden welcome sign is, well – a welcome addition!

Available from MommaAndMeCraftFinds, on

Key Takeaways for Cotton Boll Front Door Wreaths For Farmhouse Style

As an agricultural crop, cotton fits neatly into any farmhouse style.

It helps immensely that it’s cute, fluffy, and white, adding to that welcoming, cozy feel of true farmhouse style.

There are many ways to add cotton bolls to a wreath, and it’s fun to explore all of the options as you seek out the best wreath for your front door, that perfectly suits your personal aesthetic.

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