Door Covers: An Easy Way to Decorate for Halloween

Halloween door covers, the easy way to decorate for Halloween

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Short on time, money, and storage – but still want to get into the Halloween spirit? Door covers are a quick and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

Halloween! It’s just around the corner. And since so many of us didn’t have trick or treaters last year due to the pandemic, we seem to be going all-out this year to make up for it.

Halloween has always been a popular event for home decor. In fact, it’s in second place for most decorating done, with only Christmas creating more decor. Many people even have as much – or more – Halloween decor as compared to Christmas! A study from Lombardo Homes found that the average American spends $145 on Halloween decorations each year and 3.3 hours decorating their homes.

But what should you do if you haven’t been collecting Halloween decor for decades? Is this holiday going to pass you by (along with all those adorable trick or treaters) if you don’t have a front door, porch, and yard filled with spooky decor?

This post is especially for those who need some impactful decor for Halloween, and want it to be quick, easy, cheap – and make an impact.

If that sounds like you, then what you need is a front door cover.

How to Choose a Front Door Cover for Halloween

What is a door cover?

Quite simply, it’s a piece of plastic (usually) that opens up to literally cover your entire door with some sort of seasonally appropriate design. You just tape it up around the top and sides of the door, and you are finished. Some covers have grommets and ribbon for easier hanging.

Because front doors are large and where all of the excitement of trick or treating takes place, a door cover can make quite a statement either by itself or when used with a coordinating doormat or other outdoor decor pieces.

Quick, easy, cheap, impactful – door covers check all the boxes.

They are becoming more popular each year, for all of the above reasons. Also, they are so easy to store from one year to the next – just fold or roll them up and put them in a cabinet or bin!

Most of these door covers are 30×72″, large enough to cover a standard-sized front door. Be sure to check each item, as measurements (and materials) may vary.

Some of Our Favorite Halloween Front Door Covers from Amazon

Happy Halloween Door Cover

Here’s a cute one that’s not too frightening for little ones.

Bold white letters spell “Happy Halloween” and there are a number of themed images on the black background.

This door cover would look great with these smiling jack o’lantern yard stakes.

Silly Skeletons Door Cover

Perfect when you want a Halloween theme without the fright. These three silly skeletons would rather see a smile on your guests’ faces!

Keep the cuteness going with an inflatable skeleton dog or unicorn!

Witches Brew Door Cover

Just slightly more sinister, this smiling green witch beckons children to enter. What’s she got cooking in her cauldron? Only she and her familiar black cat know for sure!

Surround your witch with these witch hat lights!

Enter if You Dare Door Cover

Enter…if you dare!

Or will the spider capture you in its webs?

The white lettering is outlined in lime green slime colored ooze and the silver spider and webs will catch the light.

Build on this theme by adding in glowing luminaries and some creepy yard stakes.

Monster Face Door Cover

Have you ever had a nightmare about being swallowed whole by a huge green monster with pointy teeth?

And just know that his brother is guarding your garage door, so you can’t get in that way, either.

Skeletons Comin’ At Ya Door Cover

Stop trick-or-treaters in their tracks with this 3D skeleton door cover. They look ready to burst out and run across the lawn!

Set your Halloween scene or add to your haunted house for a frightful look.

Add a few of these ground decorations, and you’ll have skeletons coming from all directions.

Do Not Open…Zombies Door Cover

Danger! There are zombies inside!

Blood and gore and a realistic image make this one of the more frightening door covers available…but it could be the perfect entrance to a haunted house!

And here are some zombie arms growing out of the earth…

Help Us Door Cover

Whoever is in there is in a whole lot of trouble…and he’s going to bring you into it!

This door cover has a realistic appearance of a human silhouette desperate to escape, along with bloody handprints and “help us” – written in what might be blood!

Help us – you mean, he’s not alone?

It gets even more gruesome when you add this bloody tool garland.

Scary Clowns Door Covers

There’s nothing so scary as an evil clown…here are several door covers to give you the shivers!

…and you’ll never sleep again with this giant clown climbing the side of your house!

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Key Takeaways from Door Covers: An Easy Way to Decorate for Halloween

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but don’t have the time, energy, money, or storage space for all kinds of decorations, consider a door cover.

Quick and easy to install, super inexpensive, and reusable from one year to the next, these door covers check all the right boxes. From cute and funny to downright terrifying, you can decorate your front door in your own personal Halloween style.

Looking for an easy way to decorate for Halloween?  One that's fast, easy, inexpensive and still makes an impact?  Check out these front doors!

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