21 Easy-Care Doormats for Your Beach House

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Summertime, and the living is easy! That’s especially true when you choose one of these easy-care doormats for your beach house!

As the days begin to get warmer and sunnier, it’s only natural that our collective minds start to shift to thoughts of soft sands, warm breezes, and the relaxed vibe of a beach vacation. If you are fortunate to own a beach (or even near-beach) property, it may be time to freshen the entrance with a fun new doormat to kick off the season.

What to Consider When Choosing a Beach House Doormat

Your first consideration when choosing a new doormat is likely to be style.

Like everything in and around your home, it should be a true reflection of your personality.

Doormats in a beach house theme can be elegant, traditional, whimsical, funny, and almost any other adjective you can come up with!

Do you prefer a personalized doormat?

Are you drawn to bright, tropical color?

Do you want to reflect the nature of the area with seashells, seagulls, or palm trees?

Or maybe you’d like a reminder that the beach is all about relaxation and friendly visits?

Coir mats offer the greatest number of options, as their surfaces work well with both hand and screen painted designs.

Second, choose an easy-care material that will work well in your location

Sand, surf, sun, water – the elements that make beach life great can be tough on a doormat.

When choosing your new mat, consider whether it will be bombarded with direct sun, heavy foot traffic, and salty or chlorinated water. Many doormats can handle all or at least some of these abuses.

If your front door gets a strong ocean breeze, choose a heavier mat that won’t blow away with a surprise gust of wind.

You’ll want a mat that is easy to clean. All of the mats in this article, for example, are made from coir, a natural material that comes from coconut husks.

The cleaning process for coir is simple – pick it up and give it a strong shake to release sand and dirt. Occasionally, you’ll want to hose the mat down for a deeper cleaning, and dry it thoroughly in the sun. That’s it!

sand-covered feet, choosing a doormat for a beach house

Third, keep costs reasonable

Yes, you’ll want a doormat that you like, as you’ll go in and out often on your trips to the beach. At the same time, be reasonable with cost.

Your doormat may only last a year or so, depending on how it holds ups to the elements and extensive use.

If you rent out your property – or others around you are rentals – it may get lost or even stolen. Don’t over-invest in an item that may disappear overnight!

This is another area in which coir mats shine – they tend to be quite reasonably priced.

Fourth, choose the right size doormat for your beach house

A standard sized doormat is usually 16 x 24, but sizes can vary greatly. We recommend you buy the largest mat that balances with the size of your entrance way. The greater surface area can handle that much more sand, water, and foot traffic!

Finally, choose the right material for your doormat

Doormats can be made from rubber, coir, fabric, wood, iron, and more.

Coir mats are great for the beach, because they are naturally absorbent and will help dry wet feet before entering the house. The scratchy fibers, will help remove sand and salt as well.

Fun Doormat Options for Your Beach House

#1. Welcome to The Beach House Doormat

Welcome…to the BEACH HOUSE! There is no denying where you are when you see this colorful mat at your feet. The row of solid and striped cabanas lend some fun flare, and the blue, red, ad teal color scheme just seem to shout “we’re at the beach!”

#2. Welcome Seashells Doormat

Tan and white are a classic – and classy – combination for the beach. The dark tan of this mat serves to highlight the scallops, sand dollars, and starfish, as well as that big WELCOME in the center.

#3. Scallop Stripe Doormat

All the colors of the ocean can be found in the stripes of this mat, making that bright yellow scallop shell pop!

This mat would be especially fantastic if the interior of your home is decorated in these same ocean shades!

#4. Sea Turtle Doormat

Are you a turtle fan?

This little guy will bring a smile to your visitors’ faces as he swims through a colorful coral background, guiding them into your home.

#5. Surfboard Welcome Doormat

A row of brightly colored surfboards stand at attention in the sand, just waiting for someone to hit the waves with them!

If you are a surfer (or you just enjoy watching them), this may be just the doormat for you.

#6. Summer Beach Flipflop Doormat

What is it about flipflops that we all love so much?

Bright pops of green, blue, yellow and hot pink and rows of polka dots adorn this mat.

#7. Beach Life Sunburst Doormat

Beach life…it’s a sweet life for sure.

This mat pictures sun, waves, and driftwood in white and shades of blue.

Perfect for a farmhouse or bohemian style beach property!

#8. Aloha Beaches Pineapple Doormat

A beachy play on words give a fun touch to this mat. The pineapples are just the right tropical addition, as well as being a traditional symbol of hospitality!

#9. Welcome Palm Tree Doormat

This mat brings back memories of a long-ago trip to Hawaii!

The fabulous sunsets, the swaying palms…we can almost hear the ukelele music from here!

#10. Beach House Doormat

Who is the shell collector in your family?

And why is it that we are so drawn to them?

Have your own starfish, sand dollar, and scallop shell at your feet every time you step up to your door with this cheerful mat that looks almost made of sand!

#11. Mermaids Doormat

Mermaids Welcome!

The waves are churning, and if you look closely, you’ll see that tail doesn’t belong to a fish!

If you’ve ever wished you were a mermaid, this doormat is for you.

#12. Welcome Pineapple Doormat

How happy would you be if – right now – you were sipping a deliciously refreshing cocktail from a pineapple boat?

Welcome to paradise, and welcome to your beach house with a mat that really sets the mood.

#13. Mermaids Welcome Doormat

This whimsical doormat is razor cut in the shape of a mermaid’s tail, all the while reminding you and your guests that mermaids are welcome in your beach home!

#14. Seaside Doormat

A beautiful blue background sets off a gigantic sand dollar on this subtly atmospheric doormat.

Pair this one with a wreath made from real sand dollars, and what an impact your front door will have!

#15. This is My Happy Place Beach Chair Doormat

This is my happy place…and I’m not moving!

Why would you want to, anyway? Relaxation is the name of the game at the beach, as represented by these beach chairs, and the flipflops so casually tossed to the side!

#16. Tiki Hut Doormat

Your beach property may not be a tiki hut, but…wouldn’t that be fun?

Let your imagination run wild with this adorable doormat with hut, surfboards, palm trees, and the ocean in the background.

#17. At The Beach Doormat

Simple, yet it gets the point across!

At the Beach…with a trio of starfish to welcome you home.

Bring your minimalist spirit to the beach.

#18. Beach More Worry Less with Seashell Design Doormat

We should all take heed.

Beach more, worry less. Such sound advice.

Add a blue stripe covered in white shells, and it’s everything you need to get the message across.

#19. Beach & Beer Doormat

#20. Blue Sea Shell Doormat

She sells sea shells.

But you’ll want to keep these bright blue and white ones at your doorstep all the time.

Something about this mat just brings out the smiles.

#21. Palm Tree Border Doormat

Welcome home…just don’t forget that this home is at the beach!

A border of tiny palm trees graces the edges of this friendly doormat, and they look like they are blowing in a gentle ocean breeze.

What to Read Next:

Key Takeaways for 21 Easy-Care Doormats for Your Beach House

So many fun mats to choose from! You may decide to put one at the front door…one at the back door…another by the outdoor shower…

Don’t just pick a doormat based on looks alone, however.

Consider size, price, ease of cleaning, and durability in the face of sun, sand, salt, water, and heavy foot traffic!

Natural coir doormats can certainly meet all of your needs for your beach house front door. These 21 options show you a range of choices and there is sure to be one perfect for you!

21 easy-care doormats for your beach house, such as the four shown here - with sun, scallops, crabs, and cabanas to evoke the feeling of living at the beach.

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