Farmhouse Black and White Front Door Decor

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Are you attracted to the farmhouse look for your front door? The farmhouse look has been around for several years, and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. You can decorate or update your front door decor with farmhouse-style black and white front door decor from Kirkland’s Home Store.

There’s no doubt that high-contrast decor is on trend this year, and in particular, the greatest high-contrast combo of all, black and white.

This trend is hitting front door styles as well. Many people are painting their doors or changing hardware to cache in on this stylish look. But you can get a high-contrast black and white front door look just by adding a few pieces of fresh decor. In addition, by using decor you can emphasize the very popular farmhouse style that’s everywhere right now.

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Fans of classic styles will enjoy reading about traditional black and white front door decor.

These decor additions are a lot quicker and easier than either painting or changing hardware, and yet they will still give you that of-the-moment design style.

We’ve put together some suggestions to give you an idea of just how easy it is to create a welcoming and cozy black and white look for your front door. And we’ve done it all from one store – Kirkland’s Home Store.

Kirkland’s has long been a go-to source for updating indoor decor. They have an excellent collection of outdoor decor, as well, which has expanded dramatically in the past few years. If you haven’t taken a look at Kirkland’s lately, it’s a great time to check it out!

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Reasonably priced, Kirkland’s makes it easy for anyone to get a high-style look on a budget. If you don’t have a brick and mortar location near you, rest assured that all of the items in this post can be found online at

Farmhouse Black and White Front Door Decor from Kirkland’s

Black and white decor can be used for almost any front door, regardless of the color of your home’s exterior. Of course, it looks particularly sharp with a neutral home. It also adds some sophistication to homes that have colored (i.e., non-neutral) exteriors. Just be sure to match the style of the decor to your home so that the overall feel remains consistent.

Farmhouse style also works well on many styles of homes, although a black and white exterior is most common.

Try this farmhouse take on the black and white trend for your front door.

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Begin with a black and white buffalo check outdoor rug for ultimate farmhouse style. This black doormat will really pop when layered on top of the plaid rug.

Here are several options of black and white outdoor rugs you may like:

The door sign lets every visitor know that this is your “faithful little farmhouse”.

Alternative ways to decorate your front door:

Add a welcoming bench for two, with a buffalo check pillow customized with your initial.

Additional black and white seating you may like:

Black and white pillows that say “farmhouse”:

Galvanized tin buckets painted in creamy white can hold the greenery of your choice. Place a couple on the ground with parger plants, and then have a trio hanging from the eves with some beautiful trailing ivy or ferns.

Additional planters you may like, in black and white:

A decorative birdbath adds a pop of color to match the flowers in the planters.

Key Takeaways for Farmhouse Black and White Front Door Decor

If you are considering taking on the black and white trend for your front door, consider the modern farmhouse look from Kirkland’s Home. It’s so easily created by updating just a few decor items!

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