The Biggest Front Door Trends of 2021

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We all know that interior design has clear trends and styles. Would it surprise you to know that front doors also go through trend phases? Let’s take a closer look at the biggest design trends of 2021 for front doors.

You may want to jump aboard some of these trends, if they suit your style and the style of your home. Just remember that it’s difficult to predict how lasting these trends will be. You don’t want the entrance to your home to look dated in a few years! On the other hand, some of these “trends” are actually quite timeless. They may wax and wane in popularity, but they never truly go away.

As with interior decor, if you love the trend, make it yours. If it’s not your style, let it pass on by. You can always appreciate it from a distance on a neighbor’s house!

The Biggest Front Door Trends of 2021

Extra-wide front doors

Front doors are often considered the “eyes” of the home. They should draw your attention, not just for aesthetics, but for practical reasons as well. A visitor should have a clear guide to where to approach a home, after all. A larger door more easily grabs attention from the street.

More importantly, extra-wide front doors can accommodate larger pieces of furniture. With ever-increasing sizes of furniture and appliances (think of those enormous sectional sofas so popular right now), doors must also increase in size in order to easily move these pieces in and out of the home.

For both practical and decorative reasons, extra-wide front doors will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years, at a minimum.

Front Porches and Pergolas

Forget two steps and a tiny stoop leading to the front door. Overhead shelter, in the form of porch roofs or pergolas, will be increasingly common.

One of the major impacts of COVID is a move toward outdoor socializing. Lounging and visiting on the front porch has become a standard activity in the last year, and will continue moving forward. A front porch is a convenient location for socializing with friends, observing activity on the street, and meeting neighbors.

People are looking for larger porches that can hold furnishings for several people to meet these desires.

If your home’s structure doesn’t work for a porch, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on sitting out front. A pergola may be a better option. It will provide the same shade as a porch, with a more modern touch and more flexibility in location.

In an effort to maximize your property and feel more connected to neighbors, social front yards will continue to be a priority. Move over hedges, and move in bistro seating and chairs to watch the neighbors pass you by!

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Architectural Details

People will be adding unique and individual touches to their front doors in 2021. Quality craftsmanship, in the form of hardware, trim, and decorative accents will distinguish one front door from another.

These details may include ornate ironwork, dutch doors, pivot doors, transom windows, and antique doors.

The mid-century modern design trend continues to be strong and will bring details such as sharp, straight lines, glass inserts, and shiny steel frames.

Transitional style will expand from modern farmhouse to include modern cottage and modern tudor, bringing elements of those styles to front doors. Expect heavier detailing, molding, and larger, thicker doors overall in these styles.

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Sustainable Materials

In addition to the glass and steel mentioned above, extremely durable materials will become common, and doors will commonly be made from natural or composite wood.

As more and more people become concerned with sustainability issues, more doors will be rehabilitated, repurposed, and reused. Antique and vintage doors will be commonly added when existing doors are being replaced.


It would almost seems as if anything goes in terms of color for front doors in 2021. There is a wide variety of color being used, however, they are being used in some very specific ways.

Dark colors, including matte black, charcoal and navy are the color trend of the year. This is particularly true when they are used to create a high contrast look with the house exterior. Watch for a clean white house with a matte black front door. A navy house with creamy white trim. And of course, as the Pantone color duo of the year, deep grey homes will often sport a brilliantly bright yellow door.

On the other hand, earth tones will be popular when paired with harmonizing exteriors to create a monochrome (but not matching) effect. The doors will generally be several shades darker than the house siding, such as a buff-colored house with a terra cotta door, a light sage green house with a deep sage door, or a tan home with a dark chocolate brown door.

The continued popularity of colorful statement doors will continue into 2021 and beyond. Top shades will include vivid pink, daffodil yellow, mint green, and aqua. We are even seeing less common colors like deep violet and bright orange cropping up on front doors in urban, suburban, and even rural areas.

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Technology is having a real impact on the functionality of our front doors.

Keyless entry locks can be controlled remotely from almost anywhere. The convenience of a keyless lock makes it easier for you to get inside your house safely and quickly every time. It eliminates getting locked out or fumbling for keys in the dark.

Video cameras and alarm services, such as the popular Nest System, are more affordable than ever and provide a solid sense of security for homeowners. It’s a snap to check the comings and goings of residents and visitors, track package delivery, and communicate with anyone who rings the bell, whether you are home or away.

As with most technology, you can expect front door technology to become more and more common with time. This is a trend likely to stick around and become our norm.

Making sure your home is securely protected is always of heightened concern for most homeowners. At the same time, the cost of smart homes has decreased — making technology a 2021 trend that will not only continue growing over the year but will likely eventually become ubiquitous.

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Key Takeaways for The Biggest Front Door Trends of 2021

Although trends for front doors may not be as obvious as interior design trends, their form and function do alter over time.

In 2021, key trends include extra-wide front doors, front porches and pergolas, architectural details, and color used in one of the following ways: high-contrast, monochromatic, or statement doors.

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