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In so many ways, contemporary style homes are the polar opposite of old, historic homes. This is not just because they have been constructed more recently. The contemporary style has seemingly cast aside the need for ornate exterior decor. Instead, it favors dramatic structural design. Often, contemporary style seems to challenge the norms of what a traditional home looks like. In this sense, they may seem to be more a work of art than engineering. In addition, front doors for contemporary style homes strive to make a “wow” statement.

Originally, “contemporary” was limited to homes built from about 1950 to 1970 featuring clean lines and geometric shapes. Nowadays we have expanded the definition to include a wider range of homes that incorporate the drama and sharp details that are the hallmarks of contemporary style. Often visualized as cliff-top mansions, contemporary design is enormously popular. It can actually be found throughout urban, suburban, and even rural America.

What are the Characteristics of the Contemporary Style Home?

Possibly the best adjective to describe contemporary design is “inventive”. Old traditions were set aside, and contemporary architects let their imaginations run loose. The symmetry and formality common in Georgian and Colonial homes were swept aside. Modern homeowners wanted open floor plans, dynamic designs, and unique shapes and proportions.

Contemporary Style Exteriors

There can be an almost severe elegance to the contemporary style home. Most often, they will have sharp lines, flat roofs, and dramatic curves. The structure of the house creates drama on its own. Ornate detailing and embellishment are unnecessary.

Stucco, wood, and stone are common for exterior walls. Roofs are low-pitched or even flat. Windows are singled-paned, and may cover huge sections of wall, creating a distinctive indoor-outdoor feel to the home. Texture may be highly distinctive – or almost completely lacking. Bold, clean, distinct, daring – these are all ways to describe the contemporary style.

Most often contemporary style homes are painted in neutral shades of black, white, and grey. This lack of color further highlights the sleek minimalist approach to this design style.

Adramatic multi-gabled ultra modern contemporary style home
Bold, clean, distinct, daring – these are all ways to describe the contemporary style home.

Sleek and clean, modern-style front doors follow the style of contemporary architecture and home design. Whether minimalistic, artistic or purely functional in nature, they are one of the most popular designs available in exterior home doors.

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Contemporary Style Front Doors

The contemporary style front door would look completely out of place on a historic home. Sleek and simple, and usually oversized, these doors are the perfect exclamation point to the minimalism of a contemporary home.

Clean lines are the rule. For example, front doors may be made from a single, unadorned slab of wood. In addition, glass panels will be single panes of either clear or frosted glass, often in long horizontals or sharp geometric layouts. For a truly dramatic entrance, many homes have double doors, with or without sidelights.

Modern front doors also differ from their earlier styles with unique opening systems. Perhaps the most popular of these currently is the pivot door. A traditional door hangs from three hinges attached to a side frame. In contrast, a pivot door hangs from an off-set spindle running vertically through the door into the top and bottom doorframes. As the main body of the door swings inward, the tail swings outward to make a dramatic statement.

Hardware on a contemporary style front door will be sleek and sophisticated. Handles will be long, straight bars. Metals willbe shiny, such as chrome or stainless steel. You will rarely find doorknockers and other hardware on contemporary style doors. However, high-tech deadbolts and security systems are common.

Two very different front doors for contemporary style homes - one stained wood and etched glass with distinctive geometry, and one sleek metal with glass panels
Front doors for contemporary style homes create dramatic exclamation points to the exterior design of the structure.

Front door color options lean toward neutral black, white and grey.

The most adventurous homeowners will feature doors that are electric yellow, lime green, or lipstick pink. Truly, almost any color can work on a front door for a contemporary style home.

Teak and cherry are excellent options for stain.

5 perfect colors for front doors for contemporary style homes:  steel, bronze, pin, black, and pure white

Key Takeaways for Front Doors for Contemporary Style Homes

Contemporary homes are designed to look sophisticated, minimalistic, and dramatic. Above all, they should appear sleek and clean.

Front doors for contemporary style homes will match this styling. They will be oversized to make a statement.

Hardware will be sleek, minimal, and shiny.

Colors are most often neutral black, white and grey. Similarly, stain will be sophisticated teak or cherry wood. On the other hand, adventurous types will go for sharp and bright pinks, yellows, blues, and reds.

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