Front Doors for Georgian Style Homes

Georgian home

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What we commonly consider to be Georgian style is actually one of several versions of Colonial style. With classic lines and a simple elegance, these large brick homes were incredibly popular for wealthy landowners in Colonial America. They are one of the more popular styles of home even today. Learn more about the style, and about front doors for Georgian style homes.

What are the Characteristics of a Georgian Style Home?

Georgian style homes in America borrowed design elements from English manors during the rules of King George I and III. Common construction methods of the day made these homes all very similar in appearance. Large, stately, red-brick mansions lined city streets throughout New England and the Northeast United States. Trimmed in white with ornate details, they had a rigid, weighty feel about them. Inside, layouts were often nearly identical from one home to another, beginning with the central hall and staircase, with rooms to either side.

historic Georgian style brick home with white trim and symmetry
A Georgian style manor, complete with red brick siding, white trim and columns, and near perfect symmetry.

Georgian Style Home Exteriors

Symmetry was essential to a proper Georgian style home. With a flat facade and very little roof overhang, attention went to the centrally-placed entryway and evenly spaced windows. Ornate trimwork was almost always painted white, and most front doors had matching columns on either side. Elegant fanlights above the door and sidelights allowed light to enter the home. Formal gardens often fronted the home, setting an elegant and formal mood.

urban townhomes built in symmetrical Georgian style with red brick, white trim, and colorful doors
Notice how the doors on these Georgian row homes are painted in different colors, to make each property distinct from the others.

Traditional Georgian Style Front Doors

In keeping with the style of the home, front doors tended to be large and heavy. Glass panels were rarely seen. Instead, either simple or ornately carved panels covered the doors. Shiny brass and chrome hardware, in particular large, lavish doorknockers, complemented the imposing appearance of the doors.

Color was used to distinguish between homes. However, colors remained in conservative shades of white, black, dark blues and greens, and red.

one red and one white Georgian style door with elaborate trim, on brick facade
These solid, multiple-paneled doors would look equally good on a historic or modern Georgian style home.

Modern Georgian Style Front Doors

Modern Georgian style front doors would do best by maintaining the traditional look of the Georgian style. Heavy multi-paneled doors in conservative colors are the best accents. Bring light into the home with sidelights rather than glass panels in the door, or at most, have just two small insets near the top of the door.

Hardware can bring these doors to life. Choose statement-making door handles, door knockers, kickplates, and mailboxes to add style to the door. All materials can work here, including brass, chrome, iron, and stainless steel. Avoid anything too delicate or petite – Georgian style is strong and heavy.

Greater liberties can be taken with color in a modern Georgian front door. Dark shades and brights will shine against the red brick and white trim. Historic shades will always complement this style of home.

colors for front doors for Georgian style homes, blue, red, green, buff, dark green
Traditional colors that coordinate with red brick are a must on front doors for Georgian style homes. All colors by Sherwin Williams.

Key Takeaways of Front Doors for Georgian Style Homes

The Georgian Period took place during the eighteenth century and Georgian style is one of several styles of Colonial home. The style is so named because it borrowed many design elements from English properties constructed during the reigns of King George I and III.

Georgian homes are notable for being very large, symmetrical, and constructed of red brick with white trim.

Georgian front doors were large, imposing, and very elegant. Six or more panels could be plain or ornately carved, and hardware was polished brass or chrome.

Paint colors were classic to coordinate with the red brick. White, navy, red, black, burgundy, and dark green were the typical colors.

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