Front Doors for Modern Farmhouse Style Homes

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Modern farmhouse style – it’s everywhere! This style of home first became popular in 2013 with the premier of the show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. While it has evolved a bit since then, the overall farmhouse trend shows no signs of stopping. Let’s take a closer look at the exteriors and front doors for modern farmhouse style homes.

What are the Characteristics of the Modern Farmhouse Style Home?

Farmhouse of the past were designed to be practical and functional. They were designed to house large, sometimes extended, families. Function was essential, and stripped down to the basics of providing shelter to those who lived there. Simplicity was important, as the industrious families were too busy working the farm to keep up elaborately designed homes.

Modern Farmhouse Style Exteriors

No longer limited to the country, modern farmhouse style homes are equally comfortable in suburban and urban areas. This is due in large part to their sharp lines and black and white color palettes.

While taking the characteristics of a cozy country home, modern farmhouses combine rustic and industrial touches that speak to today’s design sensibilities. They are almost (but not always) covered in white siding, with grey or black roofs. Metal is becoming more and more popular as a roofing material, adding an industrial edginess to the design. The sharply gabled roofs extend over expansive porches, which may wrap around two or more sides of the home.

The porch is an extension of the living area and will be large enough for family gatherings. Plenty of large windows add to the indoor/outdoor flow of a modern farmhouse, and allow bright natural light inside. Decor tends to be clean, sharp, and with straight lines. Black trim typically frames the windows to contrast with the white siding. Shutters, in white or black, may be present.

Hardware is almost always black, again, to provide contrast to all of the white. Barn-style lights, exposed hinges, exposed wood beams, oversized house numbers – all add to the character of the modern farmhouse. It is a true balance between rustic and industrial styles. Carriage-style garage doors frequently have the familiar wooden “X” of barn doors. They look as if they will swing open to the side, as a traditional barn door would.

Modern white farmhouse with large porch and garage made to resemble red barn
This modern farmhouse looks right at home surrounded by acres of countryside, but it would blend into a suburban or urban location just as comfortably.

Modern Farmhouse Style Front Doors

A true modern farmhouse will almost always have an oversized front entrance. Large doors may take on the appearance of a barn door, or may be more sleek and industrial looking. Double doors are popular as well.

Dutch doors, which can open at the top while keeping the bottom half closed, are excellent additions to this style of home.

In keeping with the emphasis on airy, naturally-lit interiors, front doors will often have large glass panel inserts. The panels will cover at least the top half of the door – and possibly the entire length of the door. Sidelights and transoms are also popular in this style.

front doors for modern farmhouse style home, black double doors with many glass panels, and wood stained double doors with small glass panels and magnolia wreaths
Front doors for modern farmhouse style homes may be double hung, as shown here, or they may be single doors. Oversized entries, clean lines, glass panes, and black hardware are hallmarks of the modern farmhouse style.

Some doors are stained a natural light to medium toned wood. Most often they are painted, in one of just four colors – white, black, grey, or blue.

typical colors for front door for modern farmhouse style home - black stain, white, grey, blue, and black.
Front door colors don’t show much variety in the modern farmhouse style – most often they are black, white, grey or blue. When stained, they are a light to medium wood tone – no darker than the Charwood stain pictured here.

Key Takeaways for Front Doors for Modern Farmhouse Style Homes

Open, airy, welcoming homes characterize the modern farmhouse style. Most often they have white siding and black or grey roofs with many gables. Trim tends to be black, simple, and clean. The design is a hybrid of rustic and industrial style. It is equally at home in rural, suburban, and urban environments.

Expect modern farmhouse front doors to be oversized.

Doors will often have many glass panels on the top half, and often include sidelights and/or transoms.

Standard colors are black, white, grey, and blue.

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