12 Fruit-Themed Summer Wreaths

fruit-themed summer wreaths

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Summer is here, and don’t you just love all the fresh, seasonal fruit that is so plentiful right now? Vibrant, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, wrapped in a healthy and natural package. It’s no wonder everyone loves summer fruit, and in recognition of that, here are 12 sweet and juicy fruit-themed summer wreaths for your front door.

Choose your new wreath by color, style, or by your favorite summer fruit snack!

These wreaths come in styles to fit every front door. You’ll see plenty of bright, cheerful colors, abundant ribbons and bows, and of course, plenty of the freshest-looking fruit on these wreaths.

There are some surprises, as well – unusual shapes, color combinations, and bases mean that you won’t have to worry about having the same wreath as anyone else on the block. So, enjoy, and good luck selecting just one!

As always, we remind you to consider your front door’s exposure to the elements when selecting a wreath. Will it receive direct sun, rain, or wind? Or is it in a more protected location such as a covered front porch or interior hallway?

Also consider the size of the wreath – generally, a wreath should be about 3/4 of the width of the door.

Got a double door? Two matching wreaths will fill the space beautifully!

Fruit-Themed Summer Wreaths for Your Front Door

1. The All Season Wreath

many types of fruit adorn this wreath making it an excellent year-round choice

Not just for summer! This stunning work of art was made to be hung year-round, using elements from all 4 seasons. This unique (yet practical!) wreath is loaded with faux pears, pomegranates, apples, peaches, florals, berries and an artichoke.

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2. Summer Everyday Wreath with Lemons & Berries

lemons and black and white striped ribbon adorn this summer wreath.

This Summer-inspired Lemons & Berries Wreathwill make the perfect addition to your home and is ready to display! With the black and white striped ribbon, it will look especially charming on your farmhouse-style front door.

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3. Herbal Lemon Wreath

A natural choice is this dried lemon and herb wreath for summer

Herbs, faux lemons, preserved lemon slices, dried strawflowers and fresh bay leaves make this Lemon Wreath a beautiful addition to the home.

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4. Lemon Hoop Wreath

Lemon hoop wreath adds a modern touch

This gold hoop Wreath has realistic high quality lemons, lambs ear, pretty greens and eucalyptus, and is a nice modern choice for your fruit-themed summer wreath.

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5. Watermelon Wreath

The farmers market is bursting with watermelons in this green and pink wreath

Welcome Summer to your home with this big, bright & beautiful Watermelon Mesh Wreath loaded with ribbons, flowers, and a farmer’s market sign.

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6. Watermelon Door Hanger

ombre stripes in pink and green adorn this door hanger, a great alternative to a traditional wreath

How cute is this door hanger? Ombre stripes of pink and green set the tone for the 3D seeds and welcome sign. Topped with a matching bow.

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7. Orange and Eucalyptus Bead Wreath

natural beads form a hoop base for dried orange slices and eucalyptus

This simple and elegant wreath comes in your choice of two sizes: 10 or 14 inches in diameter. The neutral-colored wooden beads serve as the ring that holds dried eucalyptus and orange slices.

SHOP NOW: Orange and Eucalyptus Bead Wreath

8. Summer’s Bounty Wreath

This summer wreath is bursting with fruit, flowers, and greenery to make a big impact

The colors on this design are amazing! If you want a wreath that gets noticed every time, this gorgeous wreath is for you! Oranges, Peaches, Raspberries, and Clementines are mixed with flowers and abundant greenery.

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9. Strawberry Fields Wreath

This vintage-inspired wreath is laded with daisies and strawberries, fruit-themed summer wreaths

Faux strawberries and floral accents create the perfect summer wreath for your front door! The two ribbon bow brings the look together to set a vintage mood.

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10. Summer Floral Wreath and Strawberries on Bicycle Rim

strawberries, greens, and a huge bow adorn a white bicycle wheel, fruit-themed summer wreaths

Refresh your front door this summer! Summertime means plump, juicy strawberries with a dollop of real whipped cream. Imagine this handmade Strawberry Wreath attached to a Bicycle Wheel on your front door.

SHOP NOW: Summer Floral Wreath and Strawberries on Bicycle Rim

11. Traverse City Michigan Cherry Festival Fabric Wreath

The bow is covered completely with ribbons decorated in polka dots, cherries, and gingham, fruit-themed summer wreaths

Traverse City is the cherry capital of the U.S. The various ribbons used help make this wreath even more festive with the polka dots and gingham designs, and of course, lots of cherries!

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12. Summer Peaches Wreath

Peach, in fruit and color, decorate this bright wreath, fruit-themed summer wreaths

This grapevine wreath is just peachy! It has a rustic market-fresh peach sign for country charm. The huge handmade bow, matching ribbon tails, peachy sunflowers, and roses make this wreath even more beautiful.

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And One More Wreath for a Full Baker’s Dozen

13. Summer Peaches and Lambs Ear Wreath

Fuzzy lambs ear provides a nest for soft summer peaches in this wreath, fruit-themed summer wreaths

Looking for that one-of-a-kind statement wreath this summer for your door? This incredibly full one-of-a-kind lambs ear wreath embellished with peaches and peach apple blossoms is sure to turn up that curb appeal and get your neighbors talking!

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Key Takeaways for 12 Fruit-Themed Summer Wreaths for Your Front Door

Lemons. Cherries. Watermelon. Peaches. Strawberries. What’s your favorite fruit?

Or do you prefer a little of everything?

Surely, in this collection of summer wreaths featuring all the best fruits of summer, there’s a perfect choice for your front door!

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