13 Fun-But-Not-Scary Doormats for Halloween

trick or treat bag on Halloween doormat

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How do you like your Halloween decor? Spooky? Scary? Fun?

Everyone likes to decorate a little differently! If you are a fan of fun-but-not-scary decor, here are some of the best doormats for your Halloween front door.

Halloween comes second only to Christmas for holiday decorating. Make sure your entrance reflects your personal take on this great holiday with the best decorations, including doormats, around.

How to Choose a Good Doormat

Find a doormat that suits your style

Like everything in and around your home, even the humble doormat should be a true reflection of your personality.

Doormats for Halloween can be scary, whimsical, funny, and almost any other adjective you can come up with! This year, vintage-look is especially popular in Halloween decor!

Consider the overall look you want to achieve at your front entrance. A simple doormat will go a long way in adding to that look! Plus, most doormats are inexpensive and can be used from one year to the next.

Many types of mats can fit the bill here. Coir mats offer the greatest number of options, as their surfaces work well with both hand and screen-painted designs.

Choose a material that will stand up to the elements

When choosing your new mat, consider whether it will be bombarded with direct sun, heavy foot traffic, and rainwater. Many doormats can handle all or at least some of these abuses.

You’ll want a mat that is easy to clean. After all, Halloween is supposed to be all about having fun, right?

Most of the mats in this article, for example, are made from coir, a natural material that comes from coconut husks. The cleaning process for coir is simple – pick it up and give it a strong shake to release sand and dirt. Occasionally, you’ll want to hose the mat down for deeper cleaning and dry it thoroughly in the sun. That’s it!

5 children dressed up for trick or treating on Halloween

Look for inexpensive options

You want your doormat to look good, as it will be seen by you, your guests, and a whole host of trick or treaters. At the same time, be reasonable with cost, as it will probably only be used for about a month each year.

You may choose to reuse your Halloween doormat from one year to the next – or you may change your entire look next year, and want to replace it. So be sure to consider the cost when choosing a mat.

This is another area in which coir mats shine – they tend to be quite reasonably priced.

Choose the right size doormat for your Front Door

A standard-sized doormat is usually 16 x 24, but sizes can vary greatly. We recommend you buy the largest mat that balances with the size of your entranceway. The greater surface area can handle that much more abuse from the elements and foot traffic, extending the life of your doormat.

fun but not scary Halloween decor, including doormats, is perfect for trick or treating children

Choose the right material for your doormat

Doormats can be made from rubber, coir, fabric, wood, iron, and more.

Coir mats are great because they are naturally absorbent and will help dry wet feet before entering the house. The scratchy fibers on the surface will help scrape off snow or dirt, keeping the inside of your home longer.

When you consider all of these factors together, you are sure to choose the best doormat for your home, and enjoy it each time you step outside or welcome visitors in.

13 Fun-But-Not-Scary Doormats for Halloween

Boo Doormat

Boo Door Mat - Grandin Road

Trick-or-treat, please wipe your feet!

This cute-but-not-scary BOO Mat completes your front-door Halloween welcome. The thick pile keeps indoor floors from getting too scary, too.

White design on black polypropylene.

Have a Wicked Halloween Doormat

Orange Wicked Halloween Floor Mat

The Orange Wicked Halloween Floor Mat is the perfect spooky surprise for all of your Halloween guests!

Features phrase “Have a wicked Halloween” Features stripe pattern Hues of black, orange, and white.

Orange Spiders Doormat

Orange Spiders Boo Doormat

Give your favorite goblins and ghouls a fun welcome this Halloween with this Orange Spiders Boo Doormat.

Features the word “Boo” with eyeball details. Accented with spiders and polka dots Hues of orange, yellow, black, and white.

Under Black Cat Surveillance Doormat

Under Black Cat Surveillance Floor Mat

Treat your Halloween visitors a spooky surprise with this Under Black Cat Surveillance Floor Mat!

Features cat illustration. Hues of black, orange, and white.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Haunted Home Doormat

Haunted Home Hooked Door Mat - Grandin Road

Home sweet haunted home – ideal for lots of busy foot traffic including those of little monsters, ghoulfriends, and hairy beasts of all sizes.

Orange and white lettering with white cobweb border on a grey background.

Spooky Hooked Doormat

Spooky Hooked Door Mat - Grandin Road

The Spooky Hooked Door Mat is too cheerful to be scary, so it’s perfect for little trick-or-treaters!

Bright orange pops on the background, trimmed in black and white with black lettering and of course, the outline of a black cat!

Black Spirit Board Doormat

Black Spirit Board Hooked Door Mat - Grandin Road

Sometimes a direct message is best, especially when it comes from the spirit world! Channel your favorite sleepover game from years gone by.

Black background with off-white lettering and images.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Trick or Treat Doormat

Trick or Treat Doormat

Welcome in visitors for Halloween with this Trick or Treat Doormat. You’ll love the fun details like its silly font and orange skull dotting the top of the mat.

Features “trick or treat” on the front and colors of brown, orange, and black.

Plaid Jack O’Lantern Doormat

Plaid Jack O' Lantern Welcome Mat

Give your visitors a warm welcome this Halloween season with this Plaid Jack O’ Lantern Welcome Mat. You’ll love its playful and festive design!

Black, white, and gray plaid pattern. Text reads “welcome” in white. Features image of Jack O’ Lanterns in pickup truck Hues of black, white, gray, orange, and yellow.

Witchy Legs Doormat

Humorous witchy legs in black buckled shoes and green and purple striped tights are sure to bring smiles.

Orange background with white spider web.

Monster Faces Doormat

Some of the cutest round monster faces you ever will see!

Natural coir mat with orange and black drawn faces.

Smiling Jack O’Lanterns Doormat

Three jack o-lanterns sporting the biggest grins ever!

Natural coir doormat with orange and black designs.

Patterned Pumpkins Doormat

Bold patterns and colors, plus a cut and shaped bottom border create a stand-out doormat sure to get noticed.

Black, white, and orange with stripes, checks, and polka dots.

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Key Takeaways for 13 Fun-But-Not-Scary Doormats for Halloween

The right doormat can express just the right mood for Halloween.

Don’t just pick a doormat based on looks alone, however.

Consider size, price, ease of cleaning, and durability in the face of sun, snow, water, and heavy foot traffic!

Natural coir doormats can certainly meet all of your needs for your seasonal front door. They are durable, weather-resistant, inexpensive, and easy to customize.

If you are looking for the best doormat for your front door this Halloween, one of the options above is sure to be perfect for you!

Fun (but not scary) Halloween doormats and decor are perfect for families with little trick or treaters, or anyone who wants to highlight the playful side of the season

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