Funny Front Doormats Sure to Make Your Visitors Smile

Funny smiling/frowning doormat

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Showcase your unique sense of humor with a funny front doormat for all your guests to see.

Visitors, UPS, Amazon, food delivery services – it seems like everyone is stopping by our front door these days. And, often as not, that’s as far as they go – not too many people are actually entering our home. The front porch is as far as they get. So why not give them a reason to smile when they do reach the door? Every visitor will surely appreciate seeing a funny front doormat when they stop by.

Here is a collection of some of the best funny front doormats designed to lighten the mood of all those who drop by.

What is the purpose of a doormat?

Certainly, doormats serve as more than just decoration. They offer protection from the mud, dust, moisture, and other elements in the outside world, keeping your home’s floors cleaner and more sanitary.

Doormats are an important part of your front door’s overall decor, as well, and give visitors some idea of what to expect in the interior of the home. Doormats can be traditional, modern, personalized – and humorous. They are an easy and inexpensive way to show a little extra personality as they welcome visitors.

Generally, the funny doormats will be outside, so they can be easily seen and appreciated by anyone who stops by your door.

front doormat and white door, funny front doormats sure to make your visitors smile

What are the best materials for an outdoor doormat?

Doormats can be made from many different materials, but most commonly are made from rubber, coir, jute, iron, or fabric.

When choosing your doormat’s materials, be sure to consider the level of usage, climate, and whether the mat will be indoors or out. Generally, more durable materials such as rubber and coir work best for outdoor mats in busy entryways and varied climates.

Rubber is extremely durable, non-skid, and able to handle elements like rain and snow. It is also inexpensive.

Coir is a natural fiber made from the outer husks of coconuts. This bristly material comes in varying shades of tan. Coir is tougher and more stain-resistant than jute or fabric. It will darken when exposed to the elements, but is also easy to clean with a good shaking. As a renewable resource, it is also an eco-friendly choice.

When shopping for a doormat with a funny theme, it is very important to note that many of the products available are made from a very thin rubber backing covered in a soft felted material. This is because it is cheap and easy to mass-produce fabric printed with the desired saying. Unfortunately, these felt and rubber mats are very flimsy and are really more appropriate for indoor use only.

Pay careful attention to construction when selecting a mat online, to ensure that it can, indeed, function properly outdoors.

What is the best size for a front doormat?

The most common size for a front door doormat is 30″ x 18″. However, doormat sizes are not standardized, so don’t assume that a doormat will arrive with these dimensions. Always check the details on a product, especially those that are handcrafted.

If you have a double front door, you may want a wider mat to balance the additional width. Layering doormats on top of outdoor rugs is very popular right now, and can create a greater presence for a smaller mat. Funny mats with cute sayings look especially great when layered on top of a striped or checked outdoor rug in coordinating colors.

If you are unsure what size mat works best for you, you may want to measure out pieces of paper or cardboard in various dimensions and lay them in front of your door to see which works best. This could save you the disappointment of receiving your new mat, only to find that it doesn’t balance with the size of your door.

What are some funny doormats I can order online?

We found the best selection of funny doormats in two obvious places – Amazon and Etsy. By and large, the Etsy mats appeared to be handcrafted, sealed, and of good quality. Amazon had many of the felted, flimsy mats mentioned above, but also had quality mats as well.

As a reminder, read the details of each item carefully to determine if the product is right for you.

Hi! I’m Mat!

Hi Mat! Yes, it’s silly, but it’s cute, too, don’t you think? Bonus points if someone in your house is actually named Matt, but obviously, that’s not necessary for anyone to see the humor of this doormat.

This mat is made from coir, and it comes in the standard 18″ x 30″ size.

Available from Amazon.

Wipe Your Paws

Wipe Your Paws – get your message across in a humorous way. Great for dog owners especially.

This mat is made from high quality 100% recycled PVC with PP artificial grass, and can be recycled when the time comes to replace it. It measures 30″x18″ and comes in brown and grey.

Available from Amazon

Beer Gets You in the Door

Hint, hint to all your good friends…if you’re stopping by, here’s how you get invited in! (I wonder if a frosty mug is necessary, too?)

Coir mat with non-skid rubber backing. Measures 18″x30″

Available from Amazon

Here Comes Amazon…

funny front doormat

This one is singing our tune! Great at Christmastime, but really, this could sit out all year round and be totally appropriate.

Handmade from coir and acrylic paint.

Available from Etsy

No Need to Knock

funny front doormat

No need to knock, we know you’re here. – The Dogs.

And the dogs will let the rest of the neighborhood know, right?

This 18″x30″ mat is a little more delicate than some of the others here – it’s recommended for indoor or covered entry use.

Available from Etsy

You Are Here

funny front doormat

You Are Here. Ya know, just in case you weren’t sure. In these days of GPS, we all recognize this little icon.

This mat is smaller in size at 24″x16″. It’s made from recycled rubber for indoor or outdoor use and comes in beige.

Available from Etsy

Hope You Like Animals and Kids

funny front doormat

Hope You Like Animals and Kids – because it’s a zoo inside! Consider yourself warned before you step through this front door.

This coir mat has been stippled with black acrylic paint for durability.

Available from Etsy

If You’re Pizza, Amazon, or PCH

funny front doormat

If you’re pizza, Amazon, or Publishers Clearing House – I’m Home.

This mat features a slip resident back with a coir front, and a high quality cured UV ink for the lettering to help prevent fading and peeling.

Available from Etsy

Doorbell Broken

funny front doormat

Doorbell broken, yell “ding dong!” really loudly. Somehow, I can picture people really falling for this one, and actually yelling “ding dong!” Which would be great, honestly.

This mat is hand-painted with permanent outdoor Acrylic Paint on coir. It comes in several sizes.

Available from Etsy

Knock Slowly, I Need to put on Pants

funny front doormat

Knock Slowly, I need to put on pants. So accurate these days!!! Probably best if you have a solid door, or if you don’t mind curious visitors peering in your windows to learn the truth.

Available from Etsy

Chicago Sewer

funny front doormat

This doormat features an image of a sewer cover from Chicago, IL. Measuring 23.5” in diameter, the imagery looks three-dimensional and stunningly realistic.

The image is printed on poly fiber with a rubber bottom. Because it is made from fabric, it may be more delicate and suitable for use in a protected location outside.

But it’s pretty cool, don’t you think? And yes, there are mats for most cities, so take a look and personalize your sewer location.

Available from Etsy

Beware of Cat

Beware of Cat. Makes you stop and think, yes? Little Princess Fluffer Kitty is coming for you.

The words are hand painted on coir with outdoor acrylic paint, then sealed for durability.

Available from Etsy

Lake Life

Lake life – unsalted and shark-free. Perfect for your lake house getaway.

18″x30″ and 24″x36″ sizes are available on a flock-printed coir mat.

Available from Etsy

Key Takeaways on Funny Front Doormats Sure to Make Your Visitors Smile

Did you find the perfect funny doormat for your door in this collection? Humor is a personal thing, and I’ve tried to represent a lot of perspectives – dog owners, cat owners, lake houses, etc.

There are of course, other funny mats with either obscenities or very trendy phrases, which I chose to steer clear of simply because I feel like people either won’t appreciate them, will be offended by them, or they just will lose their appeal more quickly. But, of course, if something like that appeals to you – it’s out there for you!

Most importantly, choose a quality doormat that is made for the location you’ll want to place it in, and is made in the size you need. Humor takes a backseat to quality construction, so that your doormat gets laughs for a good long time.

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