15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

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What is it that is so magical about seashells? Nothing mentally transports a person to the seashore faster than a collection of beautiful seashells. The variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures ensure that someone will appreciate their natural beauty – whether it’s a collector or casual beachcomber. Transport your guests to the seaside as they come to your home with any of these summer seashell wreaths for your front door.

You’ll want one on display all summer long!

Because seashells can be both delicate and heavy, be sure that your preferred method of hanging will support your wreath over time.

Additionally, read full descriptions on each wreath and take into consideration your front door location, and the amount of direct sun, wind, and rain it receives. Note that some wreaths will need protection from these elements, and may be better suited for a door on a covered porch or interior hallway.

15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

1. By The Sea Wreath

By the sea wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

This wreath includes a variety of sustainable seashells including Starfish, Sea glass, Clams & Driftwood. Many shades of blue, white, cream and brown bring in all the feelings of being on a beach. Perfect for any beach lover.

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2. Seashell Wreath with Large Exotic Sea Urchins

sea urchin wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

This stunner of a wreath is absolutely loaded with a variety of exotic shells, including sea urchins – each with its own unique design pattern and colors. No two are the same!

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3. All-White Seashell Wreath

all-white seashell wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

An all-white wreath lends an air of sophistication and elegance to the typical seashell wreath. The variety of shells and many textures keep it interesting even as the uniform color soothes the soul. Pearl beads can be added if desired.

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4. Nautical Rope Wreath

nautical rope and seashell wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

The nautical rope lends a simple beachy charm to this wreath – but has a metal core for strength. Finished in style with a pretty bow made with white tuxedo organza and jute, greenery, a perfect little white finger starfish, pearly turbo shells, and gorgeous sundial shells.

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5. Cape Cod Everyday Wreath

everyday wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

This beautiful wreath evokes memories of the windswept sand dunes and pockets of beach grass from Hyannis Port to the tip of Cape Cod. The perfect choice to accent your entryway whether you live near the coast or just have a love of all things “beach”!

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6. Driftwood and Seashell Wreath

driftwood wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

Driftwood was gathered by hand on the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada for the creation of this unique wreath. It is arranged in a sunburst pattern and accented with white rope, a circle of scallop shells, and a single starfish.

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7. Mussel Shell Heart Wreath

wreath with mussel shells in the shape of a heart

These mussel shells were also gathered by hand, this time off the beaches of Massachusetts. The natural coloring of blues and whites enhances the coastal feel, while the heart shape and flower give it charm.

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8. Mussel Shell Flower Wreath

wreath with mussel shells made into flowers

The base of this wreath is a twig form topped with realistic artificial frosted greenery. To add dimension there are frosted artificial berries and frosted twigs with silver bells, while the stars of the show are the 9 natural mussel shell flowers. Each of the flowers is finished with a protective varnish and a delicate sparkle, along with a sea glass center.

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9. Custom Patterned Oyster Wreath

oyster shell wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

Natural handpicked oyster shells from New England beaches are sprayed with gold on the outside. The insides are filled with fabric in the pattern of your choice – select from 20 different patterns for a truly unusual, one-of-a-kind wreath you will treasure.

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10. Shell and Starfish Wreath

wreath with shells and starfish

Shades of white, cream, and beige allow the textures of each shell to really stand out in this beautiful wreath that will enhance any front door. Fully laden with shells, the wreath is accented by a number of starfish.

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11. Scallop Wreath with Fairy Lights

scallop shell wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

Beautiful scallop shells, coral, and starfish cluster together to create a colorful display. Battery-operated fairy lights enhance the wreath for nightime appreciation.

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12. Seashell Flower Wreath

scallop shell flower wreath

Delicate Jingle seashells combine to create flower shapes, enhanced with glass bead centerpieces. Colored crushed glass and shells create the leaves and flowerpot. Perfect when you want to set a coastal mood, but still desire flowers on your door.

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13. “You Can Have Your Snowflakes – I’ll Enjoy My Seashells” Wreath

coastal Christmas wreath

A coastal take on Christmas, with hand-painted Santa shells and tiny Christmas trees on the ribbons. But this wreath is certainly beautiful and subtle enough to display all year, which is why we’ve included it in this listing. The pale teal and coral shades mixed with white are simply stunning.

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14. Mermaids Welcome Wreath

Mermaids welcome wreath, 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

Are you a fan of mermaids? The gorgeous tan mesh forms the base of this wreath, and a metal sign with the words “Mermaids Welcome” serves as an accent. A metal cut-out mermaid silhouette, seashell, and starfish complete the look.

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15. Personalized Initial Beach Wreath

seashell wreath with ribbon and initial

Loaded with burlap, turquoise and cream accent ribbon, cream and tan flex tubing and tan windowpane ribbon, there is still room for a few sand dollars and starfish. The highlight is a large script initial of your choosing in the center.

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Key Takeaways for 15 Summer Seashell Wreaths for Your Front Door

Mussels, scallops, oysters, sand dollars…what are your favorite shells?

Whether you prefer the elegance of an all-white wreath or the exuberance of a jumble of color and texture, there is a stunning seashell wreath out there ready to grace your front door. Which one will you choose?

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