The Best Nautical Doormats for Sailors and Adventurers

boats moored to dock

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Showcase your unique personality with a nautical themed doormat for all your guests to see.

Visitors, UPS, Amazon, food delivery services – it seems like everyone is stopping by our front door these days. Why not put your love of all things nautical on display, starting with a themed doormat? Every visitor that stops by will realize that there is a boat lover in the house (and it doesn’t matter if you actually have a boat or not!)

Here is a collection of some of the best nautical doormats for your front door.

What Defines Nautical Style?

The definition of nautical is of or relating to sailors, ships, or navigation.

As a style, it’s almost synonymous with summer and seaside living.

nautical decor items including row boat, starfish, lantern, sail boat, blue glassware

Common design elements include:

  • lighthouses
  • navigational charts
  • ropes and knots
  • anchors
  • compasses
  • sextants
  • life preservers
  • ship’s bells
  • driftwood, teak, and weathered wood
  • sailing and boat paraphernalia
  • ship pictures and models
  • seagulls, fish, and sea animals
  • lanterns
  • signal flags
  • stripes
  • the color combination of dark blue and white, plus yellow and red accents
old red and white sailboat moored to dock, nautical style

What is the purpose of a doormat?

Certainly, doormats serve as more than just decoration. They offer protection from the mud, dust, moisture, and other elements in the outside world, keeping your home’s floors cleaner and more sanitary.

Doormats are an important part of your front door’s overall decor, as well, and give visitors some idea of what to expect in the interior of the home. Doormats can be traditional, modern, personalized – and can reflect just about any interest of the home owners. They are an easy and inexpensive way to show a little extra personality as they welcome visitors.

What are the best materials for an outdoor doormat?

Doormats can be made from many different materials, but most commonly are made from rubber, coir, jute, iron, or fabric.

When choosing your doormat’s materials, be sure to consider the level of usage, climate, and whether the mat will be indoors or out. Generally, more durable materials such as rubber and coir work best for outdoor mats in busy entryways and varied climates.

Rubber is extremely durable, non-skid, and able to handle elements like rain and snow. It is also inexpensive.

Coir is a natural fiber made from the outer husks of coconuts. This bristly material comes in varying shades of tan. Coir is tougher and more stain-resistant than jute or fabric. It will darken when exposed to the elements, but is also easy to clean with a good shaking. As a renewable resource, it is also an eco-friendly choice.

When shopping for a doormat, it is very important to note that many of the products available are made from a very thin rubber backing covered in a soft felted material. This is because it is cheap and easy to mass-produce fabric printed with the desired saying. Unfortunately, these felt and rubber mats are very flimsy and are really more appropriate for protected areas or indoor use only. If that is your need, no worries. Just realize that these types of mats will not stand up to outdoor elements.

Pay careful attention to construction when selecting a mat online, to ensure that it can, indeed, function properly outdoors.

nautical signal flags in red, blue, white, yellow and black on boat masts

What are some nautical doormats I can order online?

We found the best selection of nautical doormats in two obvious places – Amazon and Etsy. By and large, the Etsy mats appeared to be handcrafted, sealed, and of good quality. Amazon had many of the felted, flimsy mats mentioned above, but also had quality mats as well.

As a reminder, read the details of each item carefully to determine if the product is right for you.

Nautical Anchor on Blue Background

It doesn’t get much more classically nautical than a white anchor on a deep blue background!

This mat is made from coir, and it comes in a choice of two sizes.

Available from Envelor on Etsy.

Nautical Rope Doormat

A classic that will last for years!

This mat is made from high-quality, heavy-duty 5/8″ diameter manila rope. Tough and durable to withstand the elements. To clean, simply hose it down with water and lay flat to dry in the sun.

Approximate size: 19″ x 32″

Available from MakaiStore on Etsy.

Personalized Home Doormat

Home is where the boat is. Personalized with your last name, with a row of waves and a captain’s wheel in place of the O in HOME.

Coir mat with non-skid rubber backing. Measures 18″x30″

Available from LavenderLattesHome on Etsy.

Nautical Flag Doormats

Cape Cod Doormats has been handcrafting high-quality doormats since 1986. Choose from over 34 colors and 7 sizes.

These handcrafted woven cotton mats are extremely durable, mildew and insect resistant, and will not retain water. Easy care too…shake to clean or hose it down.

Available from Capecoddoormats on Etsy

Anchor and Ship’s Wheel Doormat

Natural coir doormat in light tan with an overlaid anchor and ship’s wheel, and a welcome, too!

Available from GauriKohli on Etsy.

Nautical Chalk Drawings Doormat

These cute white on blue chalk drawings include lots of nautical items, from anchors to wheels to flags to fish. Sure to make you smile!

This mat is 18 x 26″. It’s made from polyester with a non-slip foam backing, and is best for indoor or protected areas.

Available from MauriceNadeauShop on Etsy.

Upcycled Lobster Buoy Rope Mat

Handwoven from upcycled lobster rope in Maine. The retired rope comes from our local lobstering industry and has spent considerable time in the ocean. Expect minor variations, signs of wear, fading, and a real “salty” character!

Oversized at approximately 21 x 33″.

Available from WharfWarp on Etsy.

Bright Blue Stripes Doormat

Personalized with your name, this classic blue and white striped mat also has a pair of anchors and gold trim.

This mat is 18 x 26″. It’s made from polyester with a non-slip foam backing, and is best for indoor or protected areas.

Available from SandraDoormat on Etsy.

Signal Flag Doormat

Signal flags spell out the word “welcome” on this multi-color coir mat. Fun for boaters and ship fans!

This coir mat is oversized at 24 x 36″.

Available from Amazon.

Compass Rose Doormat

When you have a compass rose at your door, you will always find your way back home.

Coir mat comes in two sizes.

Available from Amazon.

Triple Sailboats Doormat

This doormat features three matching sailboats in red and white on a deep blue background. Doesn’t it make you want to be out on the water just looking at it?

Fun for sailors and wanna-be’s! 18 x 30″ coco doormat.

Available from Amazon.

Lighthouse Doormat

Love nautical style, but want something not specific to boats? Try this welcome mat with a lighthouse and seagulls. The lighthouse is a traditional welcome symbol, as it guides boats safely into the harbor with its shining light. Black on tan for the neutral lovers.

Available from Amazon.

A Whale of a Welcome

Adorable little whale swimming through rainbow-like waves is sure to bring a smile to every visitor – especially the children!

Available from Amazon.

Key Takeaways For The Best Nautical Doormats for Sailors and Adventurers

Did you find the perfect nautical doormat for your door in this collection?

Most importantly, choose a quality doormat that is made for the location you’ll want to place it in, and is made in the size you need. Appearance should take a backseat to quality construction so that you and your visitors enjoy your doormat for a good long time.

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