15 Thoroughly Modern front door Wreaths

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Are you looking to add some fresh decor to your front door, but you prefer to avoid the traditional florals, bows, and greenery of a typical wreath? Look no further, for we have collected the most thoroughly modern front door wreaths to add style to your front door.

How do you keep a wreath modern?

Focus on geometric shapes, such as concentric circles.

Use thin wire or wooden beads rather than a traditional grapevine base.

Stick to neutral colors.

Add a bohemian touch with macrame or raffia.

Keep flowers to a minimum, and choose succulents or dried grasses instead.

15 Thoroughly Modern Front Door Wreaths That Will Make a Big Impression

1. Wooden flowers hoop wreath

thoroughly modern front door wreath with wooden beads and flowers

This delicate-looking, all season wreath is made on a 14″ gold wire hoop strung with wooden beads. Eucalyptus branches give it a natural appeal, while gorgeous wooden blooms in soft neutral tones adorn one side.

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2. dream catcher Wreath

thoroughly modern front door wreath with macrame and flowers

A stunning macrame weave lends a modern, bohemian flair to this wreath. Dahlias, ranunculus, and white magnolias line up symmetrically to accent the triangular design while lamb’s ear softens the look. Gorgeous on a darker colored door, as shown.

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3. Brown Felt Leaf Minimalist Wreath

thoroughly modern front door wreath with felt leaves

Simply striking.

This felt leaf wreath is beautiful & perfect for any style. Enhanced by the rich colors of brown, cream, sandstone and tan, this is a thoroughly modern look you won’t see on just any door. Be an original and add it to yours.

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4. Bright Felt Leaf Wreath

thoroughly modern front door wreath with felt leaves

Ok – this wreath is quite similar, but what a different result when colorful leaves are used! This wreath will brighten even the grayest of days – it’s like a smile for your door! The wreath is covered in leaves cut from top quality 100% wool or wool-blend felt. It is very lightweight and has a shallow profile, so it will fit into any space.

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5. Modern Succulent Gold Hoop

thoroughly modern front door wreath with succulents

A variety of simple, modern succulents and greenery create a clean and natural vibe when clustered on this 18” gold hoop with mesh. You won’t find any big florals here, just gorgeous greenery!

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6. Black Geometric Wreath

This matte black modern geometric wreath is inspired by Himmeli, a type of Scandinavian decoration originally made of straw. Each wreath is handmade of sturdy plastic tubes and stainless steel wire for a truly unique front door decoration.

Try it on a white door!

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7. PVC Modern Wreath Wall Art

Is it a wreath or a piece of sculpture?

This PVC wreath can be left open or you can decorate the piece the way you want, such as filling the spaces with small succulents. It’s a modern, simplified version of a wreath. There are a variety of diameter pipes , giving the piece interesting shadows and depth.

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8. White Pampas Wreath

thoroughly modern front door wreath with pampas grass

Pampas grass, hand harvested and air-dried, gives an ethereal look to this stunner. Breathtaking in its simplicity, you’ll keep this on display all year long and never tire of the compliments you receive from every visitor who sees it.

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9. Triple hoop Minimalist wreath

Triple circles combine for a striking geometric look. The faux greenery and flowers provide an accent without distracting from the drama of this beauty of a wreath.

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10. Boho raffia wreath

Looking for a fun item for your front door? This oh-so-simple raffia wreath evokes images of tiki bars and easy beach living. It would be so easy to add your own accents to this wreath, or just leave it plain for a classic boho beach look!

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11. Living Succulent Wreath

Do you love the look of wreaths on the front door, but wish they were made from living plants? This is the one you want!

This beautiful 15″ round succulent wreath is planted with an interesting tapestry of foliage in various textures and colors including mauves, greys and a range of shades of green. The living wreath makes for a wonderfully unique and long-lasting gift with very easy care and enjoyment for many years.

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12. Minimalist Greenery Hoop Wreath

This minimalist greenery hoop wreath has been handcrafted on a matte gold hoop and is trimmed with a single artificial greenery spray. A narrow black and white striped ribbon adds another modern touch to this simple front door decor.

Simplicity should always be so stunning.

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13. Wooden Monogram Door Hanger

This wood door hanger is an essential alternative to a wreath. Modern script announces the name of the family within, and the grey and cream color combination enhance the look.

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14. welcome to Our Home door hanger

Another clean and simple door hanger, as a wreath alternative. Half dipped in black paint, with a clean font and just a touch of greenery for accent.

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15. 3D Shadow effect “Hello” front door sign

Perhaps this is cheating because it’s not technically a front door decor item – but really, can you resist this adorable hello? Large enough to catch attention even from the street, this sign shows a friendly welcome to all who pass by your home.

Unique, modern, and unforgettable.

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Key Takeaways for 15 Thoroughly Modern Front Door Wreaths to Make a Big Impression

Looking for front door decor, but your style is sleek and modern? There are minimal bows and flowers in this collection. The emphasis is on unique shapes and designs that stand out from the usual floral and greenery looks.

From succulents to metal to wooden beads, there is something for everyone’s modern front door.

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