21 Sunny Yellow Wreaths for Summer Doors

yellow sunflowers in sunshine

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Yellow. The color of sunshine! There’s just something about yellow that speaks to the joyful, carefree days of summertime, making it a perfect choice as the main shade for a front door wreath this season. Here are 21 ideal sunny yellow wreaths for summer.

Whether your style runs farmhouse, elegant, minimalist, or natural, there’s a wreath in this collection you are sure to love. Add a little sunshine to your front door – along with flowers, lemons, bees, and more!

Yellow Wreaths for Summer Doors

1. Yellow Spring Sunflower and Daisy Wreath

The Yellow Spring Sunflower and Daisy Wreath is full of brilliant yellow sunflowers and daisies. If ever a wreath shouted “summertime”, this one sure does!


2. Lemons and Stripes Wreath

The black and white striped bow makes the yellow lemons pop! An ideal wreath for your farmhouse style, you will love the look of the Lemons and Stripes Wreath all summer long.


3. Yellow Cosmos Summer Wreath

Yellow Cosmos Summer Wreath

The Yellow Cosmos Summer Wreath is the floral piece that your front door needs! Its bright and colorful yellow flowers mixed with natural-looking greenery make this the most cheerful wreath on the block.

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4. Yellow Wispy Wreath

Yellow Wispy Wreath

The fresh, clear colors of this Yellow Wispy Wreath are perfect for spring and summer! Its florals and greenery will stay bright and beautiful all season long.

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5. Yellow Lemon and Berry Wreath

Yellow Lemon and Berry Wreath

Add a fresh touch to your front door for the spring season with this Yellow Lemon and Berry Wreath! Its lovely array of fruit and greenery will give your home a cheerful look.

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6. Yellow Daisy Greenery Wreath

Yellow Daisy Greenery Wreath, 20 in.

Let this Yellow Daisy Greenery Wreath welcome the spring and summer seasons into your home. You’ll love how its bright and airy design looks in any space!

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7. Citrus Floral Wreath

Citrus Floral Wreath - Grandin Road

A sunny, vibrant design that works for many months of the year, this Citrus Floral Wreath is a burst of color. The lasting beauty of the lush, realistic-looking green leaves and blooms is accented by a tumbling array of bright faux lemons and oranges.

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Thinking about a fruit-themed wreath? Here are 12 more perfect for summer!

8. Lemon Fruity Wreath

Lemon Fruity Wreath - Grandin Road

Start with vibrant whole lemons. Add pops of pink-to-red berries and fresh greenery topped with lush vines. And you’ve got a recipe for the happiest door decor of the summer, the Lemon Fruity Wreath.

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9. Yellow Blooming Blossom Wreath

Yellow Blooming Blossom Wreath - Grandin Road

This Blooming Blossom Wreath is bursting with spring’s best, from delicate poppies and hydrangea to pretty impatiens and tender green vines, all in faux form so they can be treasured throughout the warm weather season.

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10. Granada Lemon Zinnia Wreath

Granada Lemon Zinnia Wreath - Frontgate

Let sunny zinnia blooms and lemons invigorate your space, and your day. The Granada Lemon Zinnia Wreath is handcrafted with exceedingly lifelike foliage, including white eucalyptus berries and jasmine flowers.

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11. Nolina Sunflower Begonia Wreath

Nolina Sunflower Begonia Wreath - Frontgate

With layers of detail that mimic nature, sunflower and begonia blooms create a perpetual sunny spot in any space. The Nolina Sunflower Begonia Wreath is an ideal summer wreath for your front door!

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12. Carmen Cascading Hops Wreath

Carmen Cascading Hops Wreath - Frontgate

Sunset-hued buds become more dramatic against a verdant green backdrop. While there are just two colors in the Carmen Cascading Hops Wreath, it has an abundance of style.

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13. Gloriosa Peony Geranium Leaf Wreath

Gloriosa Peony Geranium Leaf Wreath - Frontgate

Sunny ranunculus and peony blooms will radiate nursery-fresh bliss all season long. The lush greenery in the Gloriosa Peony Geranium Leaf Wreath makes each one of them pop.


14. Supersized Sunflower Wreath

While not a wreath in the traditional sense, this stunning front door decoration makes a tremendous statement. As a single, enormous sunflower, the Sunflower Wreath is a unique option. Picture two of these hung on double doors!


15. Summer Yellow Hydrangea Wreath

Pretty yellow flowers and soft greenery partially cover the grapevine wreath, leaving just enough room to be personalized with the initial of your choosing on this Summer Yellow Hydrangea Wreath.


16. Summer Yellow Flowers Wreath

Simple and elegant, with a burst of fresh flowers on a spray of greenery make the Summer Yellow Flowers Wreath a standout. Try adding a brightly colored bow to tie in with your exterior decor.


17. Welcome Summer Wreath

Bees buzz all around this yellow, black, and white wreath that calls out a friendly welcome. If you are a friend of bees, you’ll love this fun Welcome Summer Wreath.


18. Lemon Hoop Wreath

modern yellow wreath for summer

Minimalist and classy is how we describe this modern Lemon Hoop Wreath filled with lemons, lambs ear, and eucalyptus. It’s a modernist take on a yellow wreath for summer.


12 Juicy, Fruit-Themed Summer Wreaths – featuring lemons, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, and more!

19. Sunflower Summer Wreath

yellow sunflower wreath for summer

The oval base sets the stage for a wreath overflowing with summer sights – sunflowers, daisies, and a bright yellow bow trimmed in black and white stripes are perfect for an oversized door. We can’t get enough of the Sunflower Summer Wreath.


20. Yellow Felt Leaf Wreath

yellow leaf wreath for summer

Are you looking for that perfect wreath that doesn’t look like everyone else’s? Look no further than this Yellow Felt Leaf Wreath to show off a style that’s all your own.


21. Pineapple Door Wall Hanging

yellow pineapple wreath for summer

A pineapple is the traditional symbol of welcome, and this one is personalized with your initial. An ideal alternative to a standard wreath, the Pineapple Door Wall Hanging is custom-made to your order.


Key Takeaways for 21 Sunny Yellow Wreaths for Summer Doors

Elegant, minimalist, farmhouse, fun – there’s a yellow wreath that’s perfect for you and your front door. Why not give one of these beauties the spot of honor in your home this summer? You are sure to draw attention by using the season’s brightest and cheeriest shade, as seen in these yellow wreaths for summer.

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